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Corretto Suite was founded in 2006 as an authorized distributor for the Italian and European territory of the Super Coffee Corporation Pte. Ltd. of Singapore, a food company with 13 plants in Southeast Asia, today called Jacobs Douwe Egbertts RTL SCC SG Pte Ltd. following the acquisition by JDE, the world leader in the coffee sector.

The prominent activity of Corretto Suite is the importation of refined and exclusive products from Asia, distributed in Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail channels. Over the years, the company structure has evolved with creativity and dynamism alongside the commercial activity of production. Today the product range includes a broad spectrum with high commercial potential SKU in both the conventional and organic sectors.

Corretto Suite has in its DNA the innovation and creativity for healthy products that can offer a unique consumer experience. Corretto Suite has been a pioneer in proposing selected Arabica and Robusta coffees mixed with natural aromas and extracts of Ginseng, Guarana, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Almond, Cocoa, Coconut, Cherry.

Corretto Suite is a direct certified importer of organic products. The International list of organic specialties includes Matcha from Japan, Green Tea, White Tea from China, Black Tea from India, selections of green coffee single origin from Mexico, Peru and Tanzania used in purity or mixed with organic extracts of Panax Ginseng, Goji Berries, Maca, and Ganoderma. An absolute novelty is the Caffè di Lupini for people affected by Celiac Disease, Yerba Mate from Brazil and Chocolate from Austria.

The organic specialties and Superfood ingredients are offered in the most common formats of capsules and pods compatible with Nespresso and Lavazza systems.

In the last years, the selection of specialties has been expanded with food products based on Coconuts such as butter, milk, oil and water, Vermicelli, Shirataki and Noodle of Konjac flour and exotic fruit juices in the pulp.

Corretto Suite is a certified company for the production and packaging of organic food in private label using recyclable and biodegradable food packaging.


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